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Elizabeth Tucker

The Tucker Team -As a member of a Military family my Father a Colonial in the US Air Force I was always called, “Air Force Brat” for me and my four siblings who spent our entire childhood moving between bases throughout the United States and in Europe. I was perpetually the “New Kid” and trust me this is always hard at any age !

However when I would come home my mother would always have our “New Home” feeling like we had always lived there! She is amazing!
Whether it was the small one bathroom, no air condition home in Tampa Florida or the Grand Old Mansion in Fort Monroe, Virginia or the Country Villa in Vicenza Italy, each and every home I have ever lived in has a special place in my heart or at least my memories.
I am positive that this is where my love of homes came from. I just cant get enough of Homes and new locations! Thus being a Real Estate Agent/Real Estate Team Owner was a natural fit for me! *Plus I love the Negotiations- I love finding the Win Win in every transaction!
I fully understand the daunting task at hand when Selling, Buying or Investing in real estate I understand because I spent the greater part of my life doing just that. I understand how it can be a complete emotional and physical process for you and your entire family.
I am filled with pride everyday that The Tucker Team is able to help so many individuals, couples and families with this daunting process whether they are Selling their home, Buying their first home, Building their dream estate, Investing in the market or helping Mom and Dad sell their final home. My Team is here though the entire process! WE not only have the experience and knowledge We have the passion for this! Elizabeth Ann Tucker -Owner The Tucker Team 703-956-0112 Northern Virginia Realtor