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Terrence D Langford

At REMAX Specialists I am a full time Realtor and Accredited Commercial Professional (ACP). Actually, much more than full time. I work early mornings, evenings and weekends except Sundays; whenever it’s convenient for my client. I love what I do, so quite often it really doesn't feel like work. Don't ever hesitate to call me, anytime. My philosophy about real estate is that I am here to help two parties (buyer and seller) find each other and complete a transaction with a minimum of fuss and headache. I do not believe in beating up the other party just because we're on opposing teams. Buying and selling homes are emotional experiences, and I don't believe it is in the best interest of either party to make the other to feel bullied or abused. Some real estate agents feel that their job is to intimidate me and/or my client, seem to thrive on unnecessary confrontation. I believe this is counterproductive to the basic desires of both parties to sell or buy. Your real estate agents should not stand in the way! I am an advocate for my clients. My job is to obtain the best price, terms and conditions for my client, not to worry about the other parties preferences or feelings. But, I find that real estate transactions are far more satisfying to both parties when closing is a pleasant experience for everyone. I am busy enough to be happy and successful, yet not so busy that I can't take a personal interest in every client. The sale of your home is as important to me as it is to you. That is my commitment to you!